Real Deal Ultimate 3 Sport League Recruiting New Owners

If you are a dynasty sports nut…

we have a year around league that might interest you. Real Deal Ultimate features 3 sports in 1 league. Each sport has their own page where you manage your rosters but you complete against the same owners/GMs in all 3 sports as you own one team from each sport that is or has been historically associated with a city/metro area. This is 24 City League with a $200 yearly buy-in. It may seem like a lot but it includes all three sports as well as bonuses awarded to the top performers overall. Only $100 is due up front to get started as the 2nd half is due this Summer. Our calendar year runs from Jan 1st thru Dec 31st and we have a few open cities heading into 2017, our 3rd season, starting with Baseball. 


If there is a sport that you don’t know as well, we have several cities that are co-owned that split up the GM duties as well as the buy-in. If you don’t have anyone to go in with, we can connect you with GMs that can manage a sport for you as the sole owner if needed. The Constitution is currently under review, but I would be happy to send the 2016 document to anyone that inquires. Just a warning, the Constitution is no joke, it spans 57 pages of reading enjoyment. 

Real Deal Ultimate Dynasty — New Three-Sport League Launching

Real Deal Dynasty Sports is excited to launch our brand new league that features MLB, NFL and NBA all in one league. Over a year in the making, we are now taking applications to be the Owner of one of the 24 Cities/Metro areas in this league. As an owner, you are entitled to GM all three sports associated with your city. Not strong in one of these sports? An owner can “hire” a GM to run one of the sports to give them a better chance of taking home the title.


We offer payouts in each individual sport as well as bonus payouts to the top overall cities in the Three Sport performance. The buy-in for the entire year is $200 and that covers all three sports. You can pay in two payments of $100 or pay in full up front. We have partnered with Sports Vault to create a custom payment page for this league where the funds will be secure yet still flexible to fit our specialized buy-in and payout schedule. We payout winnings at the conclusion of each sport’s season. There is truly NO OFF-SEASON in this league.


Please read our extensive League Constitution for all the details. If you are interested in becoming an owner in this new start up dynasty league, you MUST fill out this application for consideration. You still must fill it out even if you are in other leagues within the Real Deal Community. Once we receive your application, we will review it and contact you with next steps to joining.


We expect to fill up quickly, so don’t delay or you may have to settle for the waiting list. Baseball is upon us, so we will begin the lottery for the city selection as soon as we have 24 owners committed with at least $100 paid deposit.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further info…


Bryan Luhrs

Real Deal Dynasty Sports
League Developer & Executive League Commissioner


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