Real Deal Owner Code of Conduct

In order to ensure the best experience for all our owners, Real Deal Dynasty Sports expect all owners in our leagues to follow the following Code of Conduct:

A. Owner Expectations

1. Remain active and setting lineup on regular basis

2. Set active lineups with best possible healthy players on roster. Rebuilding is a part of dynasty leagues but tanking is NOT an acceptable strategy.

3. Respond to trade proposals and owner messages in timely fashion — A simple “no thank you” is sufficient

4. Respond to Commissioner emails in timely fashion

5. If unresponsive to communication attempts by any of the League Officers and/or not logging into site/setting lineup for over two weeks is subject to be replaced without refund

6. Any complaints with other owners should be directed toward the Owner Liaison Commissioner.

7. Issues with the conduct of a League officer or decision made by the League officers should be directed to the Grievance Committee.

a. In the event the Grievance Commissioner is cause for the grievance, contact the Executive Commissioner or Owner Liaison Commissioner to begin grievance process.

b. In this case, the Grievance Commissioner will be recused from the process.

B. Chatboard Etiquette

1. No personal attacks toward other owners

a. This includes but are not limited to:

1) Ethnic Slurs

2) Homophobic Slurs

3) Calling someone Retarded or otherwise handicapped

4) Degrading comments regarding family members

5) Accusations of illicit drug or excessive alcohol use

6) General insensitive remarks

b. Conduct policy covers is not limited to chatboard but includes all league communication.

1) Public chat (black text)

2) Private chat (red text)

3) Emails

4) Trade Proposals/Rejections

2. Three Strike Rule

a. Official Written Warning

b. Chatboard Ban AND Loss of Draft pick OR Forfeit

1) League Commissioners will vote on appropriate penalty based on degree of the infraction

2) Any forfeited draft picks will be stricken completely from the league and cannot be reinstated to current owner

3) If owner ultimately is removed from the league, replacement owner will have forfeited draft picks reinstated

c. Expulsion from League with no refund

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