Real Deal Dynasty (Basketball) Report: Conference Semifinals Recap

Wow. Round one was great, but the conference semis may have been even better. Except for an Orlando team that had numerous sit-outs and a low total of games, it’s safe to say that every team rocked it last week and almost all of these matchups were pretty close. Let’s recap:




5 Washington def. 1 Orlando

As mentioned above, Orlando had an eight-game deficit to division rival Washington, and Martin and Monroe sat out more than the Magic would have liked. The Wizards had quite a nice week, don’t get me wrong, but the cards were so stacked against the Magic that it wasn’t even really a contest. Major disappointment from everyone except Pau for Orlando. It was another excellent week for John Wall, who posted 227 points. Kind of a shame to see such a great Orlando season end because of a bad schedule, but then again, I think the remaining teams are glad to see such a big threat eliminated. The Magic should contend again next year with its young core of Vucevic, Monroe and Oladipo, but how much can they rely on Gasol next season? Or anyone else, for that matter?


6 Atlanta def. 2 Cleveland

In a lot of ways, I felt this was going to be the biggest toss-up matchup in the whole round. Several lead changes in this one proved me right and certainly caused a lot of anxiety, but at the end of the day, it was the Hawks squad that ended up being a lot deeper than the Cavs’. Aside from LeBron, Burke, Zaza, Markieff and Green, Cleveland didn’t get much production from anyone, whereas the Hawks got at least a decent contribution from everyone (when they played, anyway). It was a strong showing for both teams, but Atlanta came out on top. Look for Cleveland to exact its revenge on the entire league next season – that core of players, plus a healthy Melo, is still scary. But the Cavs may have to turn to free agency in the summer to build up some depth if they want to get to the next level.




1 Houston def. 4 Oklahoma City

Wow, was I wrong about this one. Not only did the Rockets come out on top; they absolutely smoked OKC and every other team left standing. Led by ridiculous efforts from James Harden and Mo Williams (for real?), the Rockets coasted past the Thunder (who, to be fair, also had a very nice week). This Rockets team looks incredibly scary and, being the only team to come close to 1,000 points last week, has cemented themselves as the title favorites once again. It’s true what they say: if you come at the king, you best not miss. OKC has some thinking to do in the offseason: Will Duncan and Pierce even play next season? And can they achieve this high a level of success again without Whiteside? It’ll be difficult to afford him in bidding season for a team with a lot of money invested in other guys.


6 Golden State def. 2 Minnesota

There’s something about these 6 seeds that has them looking extremely dangerous, and now both of them are in the final four. Another stupendous week from Steph Curry, backed by nice outputs from Klay, KCP and Jae Crowder, of all people. The Wolves proved they were a deep squad, but they just didn’t get enough out of their top guys (ZBo, Love, Teague) to stay alive. As the Warriors plan their trip to the conference finals, Minny will begin plotting their revenge – and it looks like they’ll have all the tools to get back to where they ended up this season. But what will they have to change to get further?


CONFERENCE SEMIS MVP: James Harden. What a week it was for The Beard, who notched 253 points – the most by far of anyone in the playoffs this round. The regular season MVP flexes his muscles once again and remains the key element in Houston’s title run. All future opponents cower in fear.


Now let’s have a look at the next round of matchups: the Conference Finals.




5 Washington vs. 6 Atlanta

I bet not many people picked the Hawks and Wizards to represent the Eastern Conference, but here we are. Both teams have been very dangerous in these playoffs, and now the division rivals square off for a trip to the Finals. Wall, Wade and Beal have been the leading men for Washington, with Chandler and Green backing them up with solid contributions these first to weeks. But can the rest of the important role players – James Jones, OJ Mayo, Scola and Wes Johnson – be relied upon again? There are some questions for sure. Atlanta has leaned on Millsap and Horford all season, but now that they’re resting, things are different and other guys have stepped up. Big performances from Reggie Jackson and Nikola Mirotic (seriously, it was about time) have helped a lot, while others like Redick and Rondo are finally getting their acts together. It will be tough to counteract the loss of MKG, but will Dwight’s return be enough? It seems like the fate of both of these teams rests on his massive shoulders. This will be a close one.

THE PICK: Atlanta. You guys didn’t really expect me to bet against myself, right?





1 Houston vs. 6 Golden State

It was a lot of fun to watch the Warriors knock off all of those higher seeds, but I think the miracle run ends here. The real life Warriors have clinched the West’s top seed, which means Curry and Klay will be resting up a whole bunch. I can’t see KCP and Crowder carrying these Warriors all the way to the finals, and guys like Manu, Plumlee and Middleton have been a bit underwhelming lately. The Rockets, meanwhile, look pretty damn invincible and it all begins and ends with James Harden. A nice supporting cast of the surprisingly on-fire players of Williams, Diaw and Chalmers have helped a lot and I just can’t see them falling off quite yet. The one caveat here is Joakim Noah: if he returns to form, it should be smooth sailing for Houston. But if not, things could get interesting.

THE PICK: Houston.



That’s it for this week. Congrats to the four remaining teams, and good luck to everyone else as you begin planning for the summer offseason.


Real Deal (Basketball) Report: Playoffs Round One Recap

Wow, what a first round! We had some awesome series here for sure. Upsets, stellar individual performances, neck-and-neck battles and plenty of intrigue. Let’s take a look at the matchups!




1 Orlando def. 8 New York

Not too much of a surprise here. The Magic have been rolling all season long and last week was no exception. Vucevic, Gasol, Monroe and Oladipo were all on point, and Kevin Martin picked the right time to get hot. Jordan was an absolute monster for the Knicks but it just wasn’t enough. Now, New York will be looking to shake up that roster and get some nice pieces to surround DeAndre.


2 Cleveland def. 7 Milwaukee

This was a real close one, and for a while there I thought the Bucks would pull this one out. But the Thunder’s decision to shut Ibaka down for the remainder of the season proved to be a death sentence for Milwaukee, despite amazing weeks from Payton and Antetukompompongmokslounolokuo. Oddly enough, the hero here for the Cavs was none other than Zaza Pachulia; that 18 offensive rebound night made a huge difference in this series. Milwaukee is heading home, but at least the city will be comforted by the knowledge that with Payton and the Greek Freak, the future is bright.


6 Atlanta def. 6 Toronto

An injured Kyle Lowry cost the Raptors, but even with him healthy it probably wouldn’t have been enough to catch up to the Hawks’ 1100-point outburst. Horford and Millsap, as they have all season, set a great foundation and breakout weeks from Redick, Jackson and Mirotic pushed the Hawks over the top – way over the top. All of this, along with the impending return of Dwight Howard, have painted a massive target on Atlanta’s back. For Toronto, it’s back to the drawing board. There’s a lot of money tied up in sub-mediocre players, but the Raps have two draft picks this year.


5 Washington def. 4 Detroit

I’d guess that most people picked the Wizards to come out on top here, but I don’t know if even Washington expected as big a win as they got. D-Wade came alive just in time and almost everyone on the active roster contributed in a meaningful way. I think the Wizards must be considered a bigtime dark hose title contender, and Orlando had better watch out in this matchup. Detroit made it clear by trading Brandon Jennings for Isaiah Canaan that this was a win-now team. The Pistons did well enough in the regular season, but aside from Drummond and Thompson, I’m not sure if they can count on anyone else for next season. They’ll need to make some big moves to stay competitive next season.





1 Houston def. 8 LA Lakers

Brutal news on the Kevin Durant front was the final nail in the coffin. Taking down the Rockets was always going to be a monumental task, and it became impossible without a full-strength roster. Nice performances from Dirk and Hibbert just weren’t quite enough, as Harden rocked it to the tune of 162 points and was backed up by great efforts from the likes of Mo Williams, Boris Diaw, Harrison Barnes and Timofey Mozgov. LA will be hoping for greater things next season with a rested KD.


2 Minnesota def. 7 Denver

Whoo, this was a close one. The Wolves just barely squeaked out this 26-point win over the Nuggets in by far the lowest-scoring series of round one. Was this just a bad week for Minnesota, or is the team’s roster being exposed after playing a stretched-out, week-long series? I think it says a lot that Denver, which seemed all but out of the playoff race a month ago, nearly took down Minnesota, winners of the division. Remember, Denver had the hardest schedule and Minny had one of the easiest. A pretty weak showing for both teams, but Minnesota survives and will move on to the next round.


6 Golden State def. 3 Sacramento

There was a point in the season when the Kings looked unstoppable, but those days are clearly over. It was a truly awful week for the Kings, whose best player this series was last-minute add Gorgui Dieng. Gay, Cousins and pretty much the entire crew laid an egg last week. Nobody from the Warriors aside from Curry had a great week, either, but kudos to the team for surviving without Klay all week. Sacramento will head back home and try to retool this roster in whichever ways are possible.


4 Oklahoma City def. 5 Memphis

What can you say about the type of season that Hassan Whiteside has been having? OKC absolutely must be one of the many teams bidding big on him this offseason, because I don’t know where the Thunder would be without him. The emotionally-stunted big man posted xxx points last week, putting the matchup just out of reach for the Grizz. Whiteside, Duncan and co. show no signs of slowing down (although Duncan, being on the Spurs, is always a candidate for a late season rest) and the Thunder are now officially a major title threat in my eyes. Their matchup with Houston this week is going to be awesome. For Memphis, I’m not sure there’s too much reworking that needs to be done if they want to reach this level next season. But will they need another piece to get out of round one in 2016?


ROUND ONE MVP: Reggie Jackson

I gotta say, I had some truly putrid trade offers for Reggie Jackson this season and seeing him now running his own team is proof of his worth. Seriously, guys, the kid is legit – maybe not for real-life basketball, but for fantasy, no doubt. This isn’t even a biased selection here by me; Jackson had the highest total points scored this period by a winning team in the playoffs last week. Only Westbrook, CP3 (non-playoff teams) and DeAndre Jordan (in a losing effort) scored more points than Jackson did. The crown goes to you, Reggie.



Now let’s have a look at the next round of matchups:




1 Orlando vs. 5 Washington

The king of the East has looked a bit vulnerable in the postseason, and now, the team should certainly be worried. Washington was one of the best teams in round one and has an astonishing six-game advantage over the No.1 seed. Six! Wall, Beal and D-Wade all have four games this week (although don’t count on Wade to play both games of that back-to-back). Meanwhile, Vucevic and Oladipo only have two games this week and Gasol just has three. Given the way Wall and Wade have been playing lately, I think that six-game edge is going to be a death sentence for Orlando. All we can do now is wait and see.

THE PICK: Washington.


2 Cleveland vs. 6 Atlanta

Figures. The two best teams from last week square off in round two. While Cleveland can’t be counting on another dynamo week from Pachulia, this is a really strong squad led by the big three of LeBron, Draymond Green and Marcus Morris. Cleveland is a scary team, but we’ll see if anyone else on that roster can be counted on at this point in the year. The Hawks, meanwhile, are looking at diminished minuted with Horford and Millsap potentially only playing two games all period (Atlanta has a back-to-back and we all know Coach Bud loves to rest players). And with Taj Gibson back in Chicago, Mirotic can no longer be relied upon (although Thibs deserves to be not only fired, but tarred and feathered if he continues to play Taj over Niko. Seriously, Thibs, if you rotated your damn players they wouldn’t get injured so often you moron.). But Dwight is looming. Will he make the difference?

THE PICK: Atlanta. Hell, I’m not rooting against myself at this point.




1 Houston vs. 4 Oklahoma City

The Rockets were dominant all season long in three- or four-day scoring periods. But were they when stretched out over a week? The Rockets got a big win over the crippled Lakers, but were only the 8th-best team last week. OKC, meanwhile, was one of only three teams to score over 1,000 points last week and was the only team in the West to do it. Whiteside, Duncan, Turner, Ariza, Deng and Gordon all had big weeks and show no sign of slowing down. It’s tough to go against a team with Harden on it, but I’d say the Thunder are not only the favorite to win this matchup, but they’re the favorite in the West and perhaps even for the championship.

THE PICK: Oklahoma City in a match that will surprisingly not be that close.


2 Minnesota vs. 6 Golden State

The Dubs looked sharp last week, whereas the Wolves looked anything but. Pekovic had a frustrating week with an ankle injury and is now riding the pine for Minnesota in what some would call a risky move by the coaching staff. And while I think it’s likely that KCP and Middleton come back to Earth a bit this week, the impending return of Klay Thompson (or Clay Thomas, as he’s been called) could spell doom for Minny. Still, though, it’s tough to ever count out a squad with Love and ZBo. This will be a good one.

THE PICK: Golden State in a close one.


That’s right, I’m picking all lower seeds! What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


Good luck to the eight teams remaining! It’s been a great postseason so far and it promises only to get better.

Real Deal (Basketball) Report: End-of-Season Recap

Well, we made it (or at least 29 of us did, anyway) through our first full season of the Real Deal NBA. Congrats! We maintained a mostly entirely active ownership base, had a nice amount of trades and trash talk, and most importantly I think we all had a lot of fun this year.


I always start these things by projecting the playoff seedings, so let’s take one last look. These are the for real actual matchups for the playoffs:


1. Orlando
2. Cleveland
3. Toronto
4. Detroit
5. Washington
6. Atlanta
7. Milwaukee
8. New York


Well, the battle in the Atlantic Division has concluded, and it’s the Knicks that end up just shy of the division crown. This is bad news for the Knicks for two reasons: first, he misses out on being the higher seed, and second, he has to compete with the team that has been hands-down the best in the conference this season. Blake Griffin’s return could not have come at a worse time for this team, as the value of DeAndre Jordan, who had carried this team through the last month, is diminished. He’ll still get his rebounds, but we’ve likely seen Jordan’s last 20-point game of the year. Orlando, meanwhile, looks as strong as ever.
THE PICK: Orlando.


Two division opponents square off! Milwaukee had the best record versus division opponents at 11-2, but it was the Cavs who ended up with the title. Can LeBron and his supporting cast vanquish a team of exciting role players like Payton, Antetokounmpo and Covington? It’s been somewhat of an up-and-down season for the Bucks, as it took them a while to get going. There was one point earlier in the year where they looked like they could challenge the Cavs for the title, but the team has cooled off a bit. Losing Carmelo was a big hit for Cleveland, but with LeBron, anything is possible.
THE PICK: Cleveland.


After a long season, Atlanta has found itself in the playoffs – not at the projected eighth seed, but all the way up to the coveted sixth spot. The Hawks will square off against Toronto, the Atlantic Division winner – but are they really the underdogs? Atlanta finished with a better record than the Raptors (albeit by only one game) and Toronto will have to rely on Lowry and DeRozan to pull them through. I’m picking Atlanta here, and not just because it’s my team. Add sleeping Giant Dwight Howard to the mix and I consider Atlanta a dark horse in this title race.
THE PICK: Atlanta.


This might be the most interesting first round matchup in the East. I think these teams are about dead even, despite the difference in their records. Washington has been solid all season long, battling through Wade’s and Chandler’s injuries to stay afloat in the East. Detroit has benefitted from an easy schedule (only three teams in the whole league had easier schedules) and it will be interesting to see if this rag-tag squad (Langston Galloway, Isaiah Canaan, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute et al) can hang with a team with John Wall, Dwyane Wade, Brad Beal and Tyson Chandler leading the way.
THE PICK: Washington.


1. Houston
2. Minnesota
3. Sacramento
4. Oklahoma City
5. Memphis
6. Golden State
7. Denver
8. LA Lakers


Houston has been the best team in the league all year long. Durant’s injuries threatened to knock LA out of the playoff race, but, commendably, the team was able to hold on in a red-hot back of the Pacific Division race. Unfortunately, Durant is going to be out for another week or more, which pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin for this Lakers squad. It would have been interesting to see a Durant-led team potentially be the giant killers in these playoffs, but with the reigning MVP out, it seems it is simply is not to be.
THE PICK: Houston.


The Northwest Division title race was an interesting one, with OKC and the Wolves trading places constantly over the final few weeks. Minnesota pulled it out, though, earning the crown. (Readers should bear in mind that OKC and Minnesota had the second- and third-easiest schedules in the league.) And how about Denver! Let me just take a minute to talk about Denver. Did anyone expect this team to be here? Everyone, including myself, was too busy monitoring the Pacific race – wondering which two teams between LA, LA and Phoenix were going to make it – that no one even paid attention to the Nuggets! Not only did they sneak into the playoffs, but they made it to the seventh seed, to boot. Not to mention that the team had THE single hardest schedule in Real Deal this year by over 100 points. Denver is a team that fans of underdogs will be rooting for, but I just think the Wolves are a bit too powerful and a bit too deep. Everyone will have their eye on Houston and Orlando in the finals, but I like Minnesota as a title contender. This will be a great matchup, and the winner will be a team to watch for sure.
THE PICK: Minnesota.


Sacramento has continued its winning ways under new ownership. This team has done the impossible by unloading Kobe’s contract and is led by MVP candidate DeMarcus Cousins, but Golden State has been nipping at their heels all season long and now the two meet in the playoffs to settle things. Inter-division playoff matchups are great, aren’t they? New addition Gorgui Dieng may make Sactown a title contender, but there’s no doubt that the Warriors’ Curry and Klay are a formidable duo. But is Golden State deep enough to overthrow the Kings? Will Kerr continue to rest the Splash Brothers down the stretch? Those are the factors that will decide things in this series. I might pick the Warriors if not for the threat of Curry and Klay resting.
THE PICK: Sacramento in a close one.


Another fascinating matchup. Memphis was my preseason dark horse title contender, and the team still looks strong with Conley, Bledsoe, Gasol, Afflalo and Carroll all having great seasons. The only real question with this squad is its depth, as the Grizzlies sport a pretty weak three-man bench. Tim Duncan and Hassan Whiteside have been the Thunder’s rocks all season long, and OKC will need those two to keep performing at an elite level. These are two very good teams, but I think OKC has benefitted from having the second-easiest schedule in Real Deal. Memphis may walk away with a surprising result.
THE PICK: Memphis.



And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The end-of-season awards. Not that many of you voted, but here are the results:



MVP: James Harden
No real surprise here. The best player on the best team has had a great season and is the top point scorer and fourth in Real Deal in points per game, proving that maybe (just maybe) you don’t need to be a big man to be a great Real Deal NBA player. Harden could very well be the Real NBA’s MVP as well, and is leading both Houston teams to a high seed in the playoffs. Harden is far and away the Real Deal Rockets’ most successful player and was voted MVP unanimously among Real Deal owners.
2nd place: Russell Westbrook
3rd place: Anthony Davis
4th place: DeMarcus Cousins
5th place: Pau Gasol


Maybe Wiggins didn’t get the nod here because he spent all season wasting away in Chicago’s minors league slot, but Nerlens has had a fine season after being injured all of last year. He’s in a perfect situation, of course, as Philly has no desire to do anything but let him grow and develop. I don’t think anyone is quite sure of what this guy’s ceiling is, but San Antonio will hope he can be a 15-10 guy with some blocks and steals for years to come. The defensive stats are there, but his scoring and even rebounding still might be a little ways off. Even still, he’s averaged nearly 50 points a game over the past month, leaving the Spurs salivating at next season’s prospects.


As if there was any doubt. The dude has had a monstrous season, plain and simple, and it’s a good thing being a clown doesn’t count as a negative stat in Real Deal. The master of the 20-20 game this season, Whiteside is a big part of OKC’s success in the Northwest Division. Letting him go is still my biggest regret of the whole season. Even more so than trading for Rondo and Dwight. He’s been enormous this season, averaging nearly 50 points a game over the last month. It will be interesting what kind of contract he’ll get this summer. Might we see a bid of $10 million or more?


SALARY CAP HERO: DeMarcus Cousins
This vote wasn’t that close (though Draymond Green received some consideration). Boogie is, hands down, the best bang for the buck in Real Deal. AND he’ll be sitting at that cheap, $4.9 million contract for the next four seasons. He averages the most points per game in the whole league and is one of only three players to average more than 60 points a game. Wanna know some guys with similar salaries? Chase Budinger, JJ Barea, Luis Scola, Jonas Jerekbo, Ian Mahinmi and Steve Blake. Yeah. Aside from Anthony Davis (whose salary is only a bit higher), Boogie is the best value in this league.


EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR: Eric Duncan, Orlando Magic

Not too much of a surprise here, although the votes were pretty spread out. There wasn’t a clear winner, but this Orlando squad certainly deserves recognition. Orlando was a great pick in the franchise draft, as Duncan clearly knew what he was doing and saw the value in Vucevic in this double-double oriented league. Monroe also turned out to be a great selection with the first overall pick in the players draft last summer. This cost-effective foundation enabled the Magic to go for the massive contract of Pau Gasol, and it may end up winning him a title. Savvy moves, sir.

PG: Chris Paul
SG: James Harden
SF: LeBron James
PF: Pau Gasol
C: Anthony Davis


PG: Russell Westbrook
SG: Steph Curry
SF: Jimmy Butler
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge
C: DeMarcus Cousins


PG: John Wall
SG: Klay Thompson
SF: Draymond Green
PF: Nikola Vucevic
C: DeAndre Jordan


Now onto the playoffs! Good luck!

Real Deal Ultimate Dynasty: City Draft Recap

It’s been a crazy two days. Real Deal Ultimate Dynasty has started out with some drama out of the gates as owners often saw two cities come off the board in one pick. Owners agonized over this selection as the ramifications span all three sports. Here are the highlights…


Pre-Season Favorite — This would have to be Seattle. It’s good to have the first pick and owner, Tim Watson, felt Seattle was worthy of that pick. Strong Franchise Keepers in NBA and NFL and solid enough baseball pitching staff and middle of the order to set up a competitive franchise in all sports.


Biggest Homer Pick — The Commish was a finalist, but owner, John Keniley, taking Boston with the fifth pick has to be the winner. Franchise keepers for fantasy are not as strong as the actual teams in baseball and football. Basketball is just a mess anyway you look at it. Red Sox rotation has had a complete makeover. Outside of Brady, Gronk and Chandler Jones, there isn’t much to get excited about. At five this was a reach, but sometimes you have to go with your “boys.”


Best Value Pick — Picking 22 out 24 is a daunting task. Fortunately, for owner, Matt Minelli, Los Angeles slipped to him at the bottom of the draft. Once you come to grips with punting basketball, the Dodgers have a strong prospect pipeline with arguably three of the top 10 prospects (Urias, Seager, Pederson) and top line pitching staff. Puig and AGone along with a top 3 pick in the roster draft, should give the Dodgers a great present and future. With the recent upgrades to the Rams roster, they should have a scary defense and a respectful enough offense to go with a Top 3 pick in the roster draft.


Best Drama — A strong Toronto city surprising dropped to 16. Of course our two resident Canadians sat at 16 and 17 respectfully. After an hour of so of what we can only imagine was intense wheelin’ and dealin’, owner, Mike Seraphim, takes Toronto at 16. I guess you had to be there to appreciate it. Tony Cavezza had a pretty decent consolidation prize with Chicago as a great value at 17.


Unclaimed Teams (All players available in Roster draft)


MLB — Orioles, Rays, Royals, Twins, Angels, Athletics

NFL — Eagles, Ravens, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Chiefs, Vikings, Raiders,

NBA — Jazz, Heat, Magic, Mavericks, Timberwolves, Trailblazers


We are officially off and running…Up next MLB roster draft!!!

Real Deal Ultimate Dynasty — New Three-Sport League Launching

Real Deal Dynasty Sports is excited to launch our brand new league that features MLB, NFL and NBA all in one league. Over a year in the making, we are now taking applications to be the Owner of one of the 24 Cities/Metro areas in this league. As an owner, you are entitled to GM all three sports associated with your city. Not strong in one of these sports? An owner can “hire” a GM to run one of the sports to give them a better chance of taking home the title.


We offer payouts in each individual sport as well as bonus payouts to the top overall cities in the Three Sport performance. The buy-in for the entire year is $200 and that covers all three sports. You can pay in two payments of $100 or pay in full up front. We have partnered with Sports Vault to create a custom payment page for this league where the funds will be secure yet still flexible to fit our specialized buy-in and payout schedule. We payout winnings at the conclusion of each sport’s season. There is truly NO OFF-SEASON in this league.


Please read our extensive League Constitution for all the details. If you are interested in becoming an owner in this new start up dynasty league, you MUST fill out this application for consideration. You still must fill it out even if you are in other leagues within the Real Deal Community. Once we receive your application, we will review it and contact you with next steps to joining.


We expect to fill up quickly, so don’t delay or you may have to settle for the waiting list. Baseball is upon us, so we will begin the lottery for the city selection as soon as we have 24 owners committed with at least $100 paid deposit.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further info…


Bryan Luhrs

Real Deal Dynasty Sports
League Developer & Executive League Commissioner


Real Deal Dynasty Sports Facebook Page