Announcing Launch of new league: Real Deal Moneyball Dynasty

Not for the faint of heart…

Real Deal Dynasty Sports proudly launches the newest dynasty league to the brand. Real Deal Moneyball will test your ability to build the best team using some of the more prominent sabermetric statistics. Since the scoring primarily is sabermetric ratios, the hitters with the most HRs or the pitchers with the most strikeouts are NOT always the best performers in this league. Acquiring the right platoon players and middle relievers can be the life-blood of a championship roster. Hot rookie call ups can put you over the top in a tight scoring period. Below are a few of the highlights that will make this unique league something you can get totally immersed in.

  • 30 Team MLB franchise Dynasty League
  • Head-to-Head Each Category = 1/2 Win creates a “162 Game” season
  • Deep MiLB rosters, prospect pipeline protection and dedicated MiLB spring draft
  • Contracts, Salary Caps, Player Arbitration and Extensions are part of the roster management experience
  • Luxury Tax options to allow teams to decide on whether they want to operate a “small” or “large” market team
  • Scored and Administered on Fantrax with tons of “premium” features and no need for clunky forum boards
  • Pay League where all funds are paid out after $80 Fantrax Site Fee

If this sounds intriguing to you, read through the exhaustive League Constitution for all the gory details.

If you would like to be considered for franchise ownership, please fill out this Owner Application and a commissioner will contact you.

Thanks for looking…

Bryan Luhrs

League Developer & Executive League Commissioner
Writer & Contributor